A selection of marks, logotypes and posters made between 2007—2022

Identity design includes a mark and custom made letters for the news app Newsta, 2018

Identity design for Decoded Architecture, 2015

Logotype for Punctum Creative, 2015

Logo design for an online technology series "Deneyim Kutusu (Experience Box)", 2018

Symbol design for photographer Murat Durusoy, 2010

Logo design for Çağdaş Gösteri Sanatları Girişimi (Contemporary Performing Arts Initiative), 2007


Poster design for "Misafir-İyi Bir Güneş" theater play, 2020


Poster design for ISType 2015 Swift event, 2015


Poster design for City Crossings Workshop, 2012

I believe that good design results from good communication and effective collaborative process. I try to use time efficiently during the design process, understand the problem correctly, empathize, and make the appropriate design decisions as rationally and objectively as possible according to the content of the project.

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