The concepts of process, movement, and game for a new generation job application system

Role — Identity Design, UI Design
Industry — Startups



Gamileo is a new generation job application system. On this app, users (job candidates) discover and learn their own abilities by playing games.



Taken the geometrical figures as a base, keywords like ‘process, movement and game’ were used to create the identity. The custom made letters in the logotype are made by these geometrical pieces coming together; the result is a character full of energy, playfulness and color.


The Gamileo Character

The letter ‘g’ in Gamileo logotype is also a stand-alone symbol which refers to keywords such as eye, binoculars, search and process. By a 90 degrees turn, it folds into a character which gathers an identity and interacts with the users.


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I’m passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. These passions of mine make me question how to get to the best design solution and how to do it in the simplest way. I believe that good design results from good communication and effective collaborative process. 

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