Reflecting the multidisciplinary creations around art, design, and technology by a dynamic branding


Nohlab is a studio, focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology.

The idea
The main starting point for the Nohlab branding was the strong geometric elements and patterns they used in their projects, and the dynamism of their work on different areas and surfaces. Inspired by their work for various mediums, the logo also positions itself, reshapes and gains a dynamic identity. It does this through keywords, such as screen, frame and trace.


Back to basics
The basic geometric shapes, which are the starting point of the visual outputs produced, reflect the simplicity in what seems to be complex. These shapes turn into letters and these letters form their own pattern and multiply themselves.


Dynamic identity takes shape according to different dimensions and applications.


Next work

I highlighted the content with a minimalist approach in the design of the website for 9016, a design and architecture office in Istanbul.


I’m passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. These passions of mine make me question how to get to the best design solution and how to do it in the simplest way. I believe that good design results from a good communication and collaboration between the designer and the client. 

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