Dessaus Display

2019 (ongoing)

Type Design

In 2019, as the Bauhaus celebrated its 100th year, I decided to make a display font to express my gratitude for their inspiration and designed a font called Dessaus Display.


Characteristic of the font

The main characteristic feature of Dessaus Display is that in its mono structure, all characters are formed in a square. Inspired by Bauhaus, basic geometric shapes; squares, triangles, and circles form these characters. This limitation refers to the saying "Limitation makes the creative mind inventive", as Walter Gropius said. Again in line with the Bauhaus color approach, this color font uses the colors red, yellow, and blue. These colors work together with the dark color used in the background for contrast and support legibility. Uppercase and lowercase letters switch colors among themselves.


Download the font

To download and use Dessaus Display in your projects click here.

I believe that good design results from good communication and effective collaborative process. I try to use time efficiently during the design process, understand the problem correctly, empathize, and make the appropriate design decisions as rationally and objectively as possible according to the content of the project.

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