Piyano Evi

A simple yet bold approach for a music education space

Company: Piyano Evi
Role: Branding
Year: 2016


Piyano Evi (The Piano House) is a music education center in Istanbul.

The idea
Based on the idea of a space, a center for music education, an inclusive, simple yet bold symbol was created.

The letter "P", formed by the top view of the piano, becomes a symbol representing the space by becoming a simple step by step. The pieces of the symbol also refer to the decorations of the Baroque period and form the main elements of the identity.


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I’m passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. These passions of mine make me question how to get to the best design solution and how to do it in the simplest way. I believe that good design results from a good communication and collaboration between the designer and the client. 

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