don’t look too close

It is a poster design for the 2023 Faculty Show of the Art & Design Department at Binghamton University, NY. Is it the dark areas we see that create letters and shapes and enable us to perceive them, or do the spaces around them actually define them?

Poster Design





Negative areas make up positive areas, and vice versa. Our different perspectives and our changing distances determine how these perceptual interactions play out and enable us to see letters/shapes. Changing the area we focus on allows us to see what we couldn’t see before. What we perceive when we look very closely takes on a completely different expression/shape within the whole as we move away. Sometimes we need to step back and look from afar.


don't look too close, 2023, UV Print, A0
Faculty Show, Art + Design Department, Binghamton University, NY


I believe that good design results from good communication and effective collaborative process. I try to use time efficiently during the design process, understand the problem correctly, empathize, and make the appropriate design decisions as rationally and objectively as possible according to the content of the project.

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