Creating letters by rotating a single line based on modular structures

Role — Poster Design, Moving Poster
Industry — Events/Talks, Non-profit



Jeff Talks events are talks on design, technology, art, and everyday life. SO?, an architecture office, founded in 2007 by Sevince Bayrak and Oral Göktaş in Istanbul.



When I think about SO? architecture's works and approaches, what comes to mind is simplicity and modularity. I wanted to provide the references of sheets and drawings that refer to architecture with lines. The idea of drawing letters "S, O and ?" with rotating a single line revealed the general language of the poster.

Common geometric shapes based on the circle were formed by lines, creating the letters. At the same time, the lines evoke roof/house in abstract forms on a two-dimensional floor.


The animated version of the poster emphasizes its modular composition, which begins and ends with a single line.


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I’m passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. These passions of mine make me question how to get to the best design solution and how to do it in the simplest way. I believe that good design results from good communication and effective collaborative process. 

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