Hi! I am Emre, a visual communication designer currently living in Istanbul. I tailor project-specific design concepts across various platforms primarily on visual identity, print, and digital design.

This website is home to a selection of my works, created between 2010—2019.

Carefully Selected Works


Majör Mono Display — I designed a monospaced geometric sans serif all-uppercase typeface which released on Google Fonts.


Toyi — Tools for creating toys from the stuff around you. I worked with Toyi to create their branding, packaging, and custom typeface.


Nohlab — Istanbul based multidisciplinary studio. I helped them to create their branding, shaped by their interdisciplinary and dynamic experiences.


Dört Kadıköy — A third wave coffee shop in Istanbul. I designed their branding with a brutalist approach inspired by their architecture.


Jeff Talks: SO? — I designed a poster for SO? Architecture's Jeff Talks event, using a single line that creates the letters by rotating.


ISType 2012 — I designed a promo video for Istanbul Typography Conference. Revealing the power of the grid, color, and geometry.


Piyano Evi — A space for music education. I helped Piyano Evi to create their branding with a simple yet bold approach.


The Curatorialist — I designed an identity for a web-based platform dedicated to the curation of audacious personas for the inquisitive—and hungry—mind.


Gamileo — Identity and user interfaces for a new generation job application system.


9016 — Design and architecture office in Istanbul. I designed their website by highlighting the content with a minimalist approach.

9016. Design and architecture office in Istanbul. I designed their website by highlighting the content with a minimalist approach.


Archive — Selected commissioned logos and posters designed between 2007—2019.


Experiments — Personal exercises in layout, color, typography, and motion.

Recent Works at Fevkalade — Some recent works at my studio Fevkalade, include a dynamic visual identity for Sabancı University 20th Year campaign, editorial design for Food Stories Vancouver and so on.

Work in Progress — Dessaus Display, the display font that I created with inspiration from the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus.

I’m passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. These passions of mine motivate me to do my best and make me question how to get to the best design solution and how to do it in the simplest way. I believe that good design results from a good communication and a collaborative process. 

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I am currently available to work on new projects. Feel free to get in touch.


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